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We like to think of ourselves as not just a law firm but as an overall resource for our clients. We have worked hard to cultivate a first-rate network of skilled, value-added strategic partners who serve as a resource to whom we routinely refer our clients. Through our network of Professional Service Providers, we can…

Powers of Appointment

Estate Planning – Powers of Appointment

A power of appointment is the power given to someone to allow that person to designate who will receive property or an interest in property. The creator of the power is called the donor, the individual having the power is the powerholder, and the possible recipients of the property are permissible appointees. There are other potential ramifications for powers of appointment that should be taken into account. All in all, whether to use a power of appointment and, if so, with what characteristics, are questions best answered with the advice of a lawyer well versed in estate planning.

estate planning

Top 8 Estate Planning Mistakes

Perhaps you have heard the expression: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” This statement was never truer than for estate planning. By some accounts, 70% of adult Americans have no will or trust in place for their loves ones. Furthermore, others who initially did prepare an estate plan have failed to…